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Will Natural Gas Fuel Our Future Economy?

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June 15, 2012

Natural gas can fuel more than just our transportation and habitats. It's low cost and high availability in proximity to our citizens makes it a natural choice to reduce our dependence on imports in many ways. The jobs created by natural gas development have already helped hundreds of thousands of Americans get back to work after our recent economic issues. This infographic shows the different ways that natural gas is helping today, and how great the capacity is for natural gas to continue to help our economy tomorrow.

Will Natural Gas Fuel Our Future Economy
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The Bakken is one of North America’s largest oil-rich shale plays. Longer horizontal well bores and widespread use of hydraulic fracturing spurred soaring production. North Dakota now ranks second among U.S. oil-producing states – and a large portion of the domestic drilling rig fleet will be retrofitted to walking or skidding systems by year-end. More than 70% of Bakken oil moves by rail tank car, giving crude-by-rail the leading role for getting Bakken production to market. Economic impacts are seen state-wide as North Dakota proudly claims the nation’s lowest unemployment and a per-person gross domestic output significantly higher than the national average.

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