Delta Petroleum Corp. , Denver, (Nasdaq: DPTRD) has reported its financial and operating results for the second quarter 2011.  

"We are pleased to provide our shareholders with another solid operating quarter coupled with the accomplishment of some very important strategic steps," says Carl Lakey , president and CEO. "We sold our remaining non-core assets, which reduced our leverage and provided sufficient liquidity to continue our deep shale evaluation and development in the Vega Area.  While the strategic alternatives process, the 2C well results, and the Netherland Sewell report were all announced subsequent to the end of the quarter, much of the efforts that went into those steps occurred in the second quarter.  The 2B and 2C well results and Netherland Sewell's report are very important contributions that support Delta's intrinsic value and aid our strategic alternatives process."

Vega Area Shale Evaluation Update

As previously announced, the Delta 2C well began producing hydrocarbons on Wednesday, July 20, at a rate of 5.4 million cubic feet of gas per day (MMcf/d), which was choke-restricted with a 7/64 of an inch choke and 8,360 psi of flowing tubing pressure.  Gas sales from the well began on Thursday, July 21 from the Niobrara and Frontier formations only.  The well is currently producing between 2.5 – 3.5 MMcf/d with 6,100 psi of flowing tubing pressure.  The well choke is currently set at 9/64 of an inch.  The Mancos shale, Corcoran and Williams Fork formations remain uncompleted.

The Delta 2B well in the Vega Area of the Piceance Basin drilled through a portion of the Mancos formation and reached total depth of 10,700 feet.  Below the Williams Fork the well was completed in 1,200 feet of shale in the Corcoran and the upper portion of the Mancos formation.  Gas production began on April 24 and sales commenced on April 29.  As announced on May 10, the 2B well experienced sustained production of 3.3 MMcf/d from only the Mancos and Corcoran formations.  The well is currently producing 0.6 MMcf/d.  The information available indicates that the natural fractures in the 2B well may have prematurely closed by the high flow rate (6 MMcf/d) during initial flowback activities, which has subsequently hindered production.  The Company is currently evaluating refracturing the well in the Mancos and Corcoran formations to reestablish higher production levels in the well.

The Company is currently drilling the 12B well.  The current depth is approximately