Steady development has been the name of the game for 2012-2013 Granite Wash activity. The granite wash is a heterogeneous series of sands, shales and siltstones that has yielded production since the late 1950s. Unconventional drilling and completion techniques have vastly improved the area’s production.

Most of the recent activity is in Beckham and Washita counties in Oklahoma and in Wheeler County, Texas ,and to a lesser degree, Oldham and Hemphill counties.

Gas can be found in multiple zones between 9,500 and 13,000 feet, and in some sections, as deep as 17,000 feet. The play deposition is thick (1,550 to 3,500 feet) and consists of as many as 70 different sandstones or conglomerate sections.



1 Chesapeake Operating Inc. – 5/25/13

Chesapeake Operating Inc. has completed #408H Thurman Horn, a second horizontal well in on the #4010H Thurman Horn SL pad. The Wheeler County (RRC Dist. 10), Texas, producer was drilled northward to 14,982 ft. and produced 7,700 bbl. of oil and 121 million cu. ft. of gas from granite wash in its first three months on stream. The new well is in Section 1, Camp CSL Survey. Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake’s new #408H Thurman Horn began producing in November 2012.

2 Linn Operating Inc. - 04/15/13

A Linn Operating Inc. horizontal Hogshooter (Missouri) Granite Wash discovery had an initial flowrate of 5,406 bbl. of oil equivalent (2,055 bbl. of oil, 1,915 bbl. of natural gas liquids and 8.6 million cu. ft. of gas) per day from a site in Mayfield Field. The 15,985-ft. #1H Anderson 25-11-26 is in Beckham County, Okla., and has a south lateral extending to a bottomhole in the same section. True vertical depth was projected at 11,220 ft. Additional drilling and completion information has not been disclosed. The Houston-based company is currently drilling its second horizontal Hogshooter prospect in the section about one mile east at #3H Brady 25-11-26 in Section 25-11n-26w.

3 Chesapeake Operating Inc. - 03/20/13

Two Washita County, Okla., horizontal producers were announced by Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Operating Inc. In Section 13-11n-18w, #1H Bose 24-11-18 initially flowed 10.3 million cu. ft. of gas with 667 bbl. of 55-degree-gravity condensate and 463 bbl. of water per day. Production is from a fracture-stimulated interval of Des Moines Granite Wash B between 13,714 and 18,322 ft. Tested on a 20/64-in. choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 3,333 psi and the shut-in tubing pressure was 4,500