Low gas and oil prices have slowed exploration, mostly the number of rigs in the field.

According to IHS, tight oil developments continue at a strong pace especially in mature and developed unconventional areas, even though rig counts have decreased. Development phase operations in large unconventional oil plays have allowed operators to sustain overall completions and supply growth with fewer rigs.

Increased natural gas demand due to cold winter temperatures increased gas consumption by 16% and drew on gas storage in 2013. The 34% increase in 2013 average natural gas prices to $3.71 per thousand cubic feet is a plus as is evidence that gas operators like Southwest Energy in the Fayetteville Shale continue to boost shale gas productivity.

Near the heart of the unconventional shale revolution, a fracturing ban has been approved by voters in Denton, Texas, to prevent fracturing within the city limits. The measure prohibits well stimulation using water, sand or chemical additives to improve the flow of natural gas, oil and other hydrocarbons. The city has about 270 wells.

1 SWEPI Inc. Date: 12/05/14

Houston-based SWEPI Inc. has completed two horizontal gas wells in Sabine Parish, La.’ s Bayou San Miguel Field. Both wells offset two horizontal producers completed by the company in 2012. The #1 Gary Lee 5 flowed 13 MMcf of gas and 100 bbl of water per day through fracture-treated Haynesville Shale perforations at 13,105-17,798 ft. The well is in Section 6-8n-12 and bottomed to the north beneath Section 5. The 17,976-ft well has a true vertical depth of 12,552 ft. Tested on a 21/64-in. choke, the flowing casing pressure was 7,990 psi.

2 Anschutz Exploration Corp. Date: 11/13/14

Anschutz Exploration Corp., based in Denver, completed a horizontal Barnett Shale producer in Premonition Field, a Barnett reservoir opened by the company in 2012. Located in Wilbarger County (RRC Dist. 9), Texas, #1H Wallingford was tested flowing 94 bbl of 40-degree-gravity crude and 1 Mbbl of water per day. The well is flowing from perforations at 7,990-11,986 ft. The well is in Section 68, Block 12, H&TC RR Co Survey, A-614. Drilled to 12,300 ft, the true vertical depth is 7,562 ft with a bottomhole to the northwest in Section 10.

3 Aruba Petroleum Inc. Date: 10/21/14

A North Texas workover has been completed by Aruba Petroleum Inc. in the Wise County (RRC Dist. 9), Texas, portion of Newark East Field. The #1AH Petty produced 41 bbl of 48-degree-gravity oil, 957 Mcf of gas and 320 bbl of water through acid- and fracture-treated Barnett Shale perforations at 8,507-11,402 ft. Gauged on a 42/64-in. choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 220 psi. The discovery is on a 408-acre lease in Section 3, John W. Crunk Survey, A-160 and bottomed to the northwest. The total depth is 11,503 ft and the true vertical depth is 8,078 ft. The horizontal lateral was drilled out of a vertical well completed by the Plano, Texas-based company in 2004. The #1A Petty was completed as an 8,225-ft gas producer. It was tested flowing 479 Mcf of gas and 35 Mbbl of condensate daily from perforations in Barnett Shale at 7,744-8125 ft.

4 Southwestern Energy Co. Date: 10/14/14

In Faulkner County, Ark., Southwestern Energy Co. completed an Arkoma Basin-Fayetteville well that initially flowed 7.15 MMcf of gas per day. The #12-8H5 Carney 8-11 is in Section 8-8n-11w and was horizontally drilled northward and bottomed in Section 5. It was tested at 5,524-9,951 ft following acid treatments and a 10-stage fracturing. The well was drilled to 10,013 ft and the true vertical depth is 5,023 ft. The Houston-based company completed two other horizontal Fayetteville gas wells on the pad in February 2011, #3-08H Carney 8-11 (5.45 MMcf of gas per day) and #4-08H Carney 8-11 (5.4 MMcf of gas per day).

5 Southwestern Energy Co. Date: 10/07/14

Southwestern Energy Co. completed a horizontal Fayetteville Shale well in the Arkoma Basin that flowed 14.1 MMcf of gas per day during a 40-day period. The #4-15H11 Allison Trust 7-16 is in Section 15-7n-16w of Conway County, Ark. Production is from perforations between 6,220 and 13,245 ft following a 15-stage acidizing and fracturing. The lateral was drilled northward to 13,410 ft, 5,821 ft true vertical. It bottomed in Section 11-7n-16w. The Houston-based company has completed three other horizontal Fayetteville wells on the pad with shorter laterals drilled to bottomholes in Section 15, but test results are not yet available.

6 Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. Date: 10/01/14

A Sligo Field-Haynesville Shale completion by Encana Oil & Gas USA Inc. flowed 23.03 MMcf of gas and 600 bbl of water per day. The #1 Lucky Family 17-20HC is in Bossier Parish, La., and is producing from fracture-treated perforations at 11,187-17,839 ft. Located in Section 17-17n-12w, the 18,524-ft well has a true vertical depth of 11,290 ft. The lateral bottomed more than one mile to the south in Section 20. Encana USA’s headquarters are in Denver.