Canadian Tight Gas & Oil

  • Canada's Gas Future

    Brian K. Tully
    Canadian unconventional gas development has not come to a halt in the face of low prices, but the market is uncertain.
  • DUG CANADA 2012: The Cardium’s Best Days Lie Ahead

    Horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing have remade Alberta’s Cardium play, and set it on a new growth trajectory.
    - Jun. 25 2012
  • Cardium Full Circle

    What was once a depleting play with its glory days long faded has suddenly resurrected itself as a compelling and growing story in the vanguard of North America’s unconventional oil revolution.
    - Apr. 17 2012
  • Unconventional Resources: Sexier Than An iPad?

    There is no doubt that unconventional resources are changing the game in North America, with some expecting the U.S. to be self-sufficient in oil in a decade. Since 2008, there has been an eight-fold increase in U.S. gas production and a five-fold increase in oil production.
    - Dec. 1 2011