Bakken Exclusives

U.S. oil and gas deal activity stalls in first-quarter 2015 due to low oil prices while corporate deals surpass asset transactions for the first time in five years.

Service companies that provide refracturing say the technique can add life to shale plays, but an analyst says reopening Eagle Ford wells add value about half the time. 

The company spent $835 million of its $2 billion budget in first-quarter 2015, but holds a $4.5 billion borrowing base and is shopping midstream assets.

Bakken Gross Acreage

Company Net Acreage
Crescent Point Energy 1,000,000
DeeThree Exploration 200,000
ARC Resources 179,200
LGX Oil + Gas 167,838
All Top Acreage Holders
Company Net Acreage
Continental Resources 1,200,000
Whiting Petroleum 667,836
Hess 645,000
ConocoPhillips 626,000
All Top Acreage Holders