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The company’s overall size—with more than 36,000 wells across 15 states—offers ‘a lot of operating efficiencies and synergies,’ president Ken Mariani says.

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Refracking has been met with enthusiasm—especially when it works—and skepticism, but in order to move forward, the industry needs a large-scale refracking program and more investment IHS says.

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Researchers find that water volumes for fracking within watersheds across the U.S. range from as little as 2,600 gallons to as much as 9.7 million gallons per well.

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30 Day Trend15 (-12)
1 Year Trend970 (-702)
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Barnett Gross Acreage

Company Net Acreage
Devon Energy 620,000
EOG Resources 298,000
Chesapeake/Total 266,700
ExxonMobil 265,000
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