Barnett Exclusives

Combined midstream operations will include the Marcellus, Utica, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Barnett, Midcontinent and Niobrara. It’s anticipated to be one of the largest, high-dividend paying C-Corps in the energy sector.

Enhanced completion techniques developed in tight oil plays are beginning to show up in traditional dry gas shales such as the Haynesville with operators adopting extended laterals and higher proppant loading.

Pricing appears to have bottomed for well stimulation services in the traditional dry gas shales, including the Barnett, Haynesville and dry Woodford.

Barnett - Texas Drilling Permits Trends

7 Day Trend5 (-4)
30 Day Trend34 (-1)
1 Year Trend1393 (-249)
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Barnett Gross Acreage

Company Net Acreage
Devon Energy 620,000
EOG Resources 298,000
Chesapeake/Total 266,700
ExxonMobil 265,000
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