Fayetteville Exclusives

Interests Formerly Owned By Aubrey McClendon Up For Sale In Arksansas

Nonop interest in 1,700 producing Fayetteville and Moorefield shale wells, once owned by McClendon while he was Chesapeake’s CEO, are for sale.

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The JV, called OneStim, will rival Halliburton’s frack fleet in the U.S. and Canada and further shrinks the pressure pumping marketplace to the detriment of smaller companies, an analyst said.

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Repeal of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s waste prevention rule passed the House, but awaits action from the Senate.

Fayetteville Gross Acreage

CompanyNet Acreage
Southwestern Energy888,161
ExxonMobil/XTO Energy792,960
BHP Billiton487,000
All Top Acreage Holders