Granite Wash

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The Sooner State is often disregarded in favor of its big brothers in the oil and gas industry–Texas and North Dakota—but it remains a solid producer and has attracted considerable investment in a down market.

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Pressure pumpers say activity has stabilized in the Midcontinent. Unfortunately, stable demand in this instance represents demand at an exceptionally low level.

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Recompletions currently represent 14% of Midcontinent downhole market. Most operators are delaying completions on wells after they have been drilled, awaiting an improvement in commodity prices before moving forward.

Granite Wash - Texas Drilling Permits Trends

7 Day Trend6 (+4)
30 Day Trend16 (-1)
1 Year Trend230 (-301)
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Granite Wash Gross Acreage

Company Net Acreage
Chesapeake 926,000
Apache 870,000
EnerVest/FourPoint 325,000
Unit Corp. 167,000
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