Marcellus Exclusives

Halliburton, deal, partnership, fine, workforce, Baker Hughes, Palantir, Landmark

Halliburton joins forces with Palantir Solutions, will pay an $18 million Department of Labor fine and continues to market assets as part of its merger with Baker Hughes.

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EV Energy Partners arranges a dropdown with its general partner owner Enervest, which has a stable of assets it can use to fortify the company. EV Energy also purchased a 100% working interest in Belden & Blake Corp.

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Of the major shale plays, the Utica is expected to show gas production increases in June, July and August, the EIA said. Though by September, production in the play will also start to slip.

Heard In The Field

Marcellus Gross Acreage

Company Net Acreage
Chesapeake 1,376,675
Shell 1,005,000
Range Resources 835,000
National Fuel Gas 780,000
All Top Acreage Holders