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Rimrock was formed last year to pursue Midcontinent acquisitions targeting the Woodford Shale, following a $75 million equity commitment from Post Oak Energy Capital and Ceja Corp.

Anadarko, production, earnings, quarter, oil, Gulf of Mexico, Delaware, D-J, Al Walker

The company reported a net loss of $692 million for second-quarter 2016, an improvement from the $1 billion loss recorded the quarter before.

Diamondback Energy, Viper Energy Partners, mineral rights, royalty, acquisition, deal, Permian Basin, Midland Basin, Delaware Basin, Pioneer Natural Resources, Texas, Gordon Douthat, analyst, Wells Fargo Securities, equity, offering, IPO, Spraberry, Wolfc

Viper entered separate agreements to acquire mineral rights across Midland and Delaware acreage primarily operated by Pioneer and a private company.