Utica Exclusives

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Halliburton joins forces with Palantir Solutions, will pay an $18 million Department of Labor fine and continues to market assets as part of its merger with Baker Hughes.

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Chesapeake expects to save up to $175 million in operating expenses in the Haynesville and Utica shales while Williams plans investments of $600 million over five years for 200 miles of pipeline.

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EV Energy Partners arranges a dropdown with its general partner owner Enervest, which has a stable of assets it can use to fortify the company. EV Energy also purchased a 100% working interest in Belden & Blake Corp.

Utica Service Companies

Utica Gross Acreage

Company Total Acreage
EV Energy Partners/EnerVest 903,000
Chesapeake 900,000
CONSOL/Hess 581,000
National Fuel Gas 562,500
All Top Acreage Holders