Utica Exclusives

Chesapeake settles with affiliate, but will pursue case that accuses its former CEO of misappropriating “highly sensitive trade secrets from the company” about the Utica Shale and other areas.

Even though regional oil and gas volumes are expected to rise in 2015, continuing low oil and gas prices are causing a number of companies to either stop drilling or to scale back Utica Shale operations.

EV Energy Partners sells eastern Ohio interests, marches toward goal of divesting its midstream business and reinvesting capital into its upstream operations.

Utica Service Companies

Utica Gross Acreage

Company Total Acreage
EV Energy Partners/EnerVest 903,000
Chesapeake Energy 900,000
Chevron 611,000
National Fuel Gas 562,500
All Top Acreage Holders