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Drilling contractors are concerned that a stable demand market—albeit at very low utilization—might face another leg down in the wake of retrenching oil prices.

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From a labor expertise standpoint, workover contractors note the industry is melting away and will experience challenges when demand kicks in—an event now expected to be postponed until 2016.

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Metrics on stage spacing, number of stages, and fracture stimulation technique have not changed during the downturn. Rather, low prices are encouraging operators to drill longer laterals and boost sand use.

Woodford Gross Acreage

Company Net Acreage
Newfield Exploration 146,000
ExxonMobil 115,000
BP 90,000
Vanguard Natural Resources 66,000
All Top Acreage Holders
Company Net Acreage
Continental Resources 619,997
Newfield Exploration 300,000
Devon Energy 280,000
ExxonMobil 280,000
All Top Acreage Holders