Eagle Ford Exclusives

The ‘Shale On It’ Game

Stratas Advisors conducts a game of trivia on 2018 unconventional resources dealing with production, drilling and field activity in U.S. shale.

Oil And Gas Investor Ranks Top 50 E&Ps

From the biggest operators with multinational portfolios to basin-specific smaller producers with motivation to grow. Investor showcases the 50 most-valued U.S. independents.

Year Of Consolidation Highlights 2018 Oil And Gas Deal Making

Overall, 2018 was the Year of Consolidation as several E&Ps agreed to merge throughout the U.S., including inside and outside the prolific Permian Basin.

Addressing these issues has become a priority for many operators and service companies as they work to overcome adverse perceptions of their own industry.

E&Ps Defy Uncooperative Market, Continue Deal Making

Oil and gas producers are increasingly under siege by investors—activists and otherwise, most recently targeting Denbury Resources’ purchase of Penn Virginia.

Rigs are consolidated at the high end while sand shifts back to quality.

Water, Water Everywhere—But Where It’s Wanted

Midstream firms dive in to provide a resource that is make or break for producers.

The industry has come full circle since the initial discovery of the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas, when natural gas was king.

Lonestar Resources Tacks On Eagle Ford Acreage At ‘Attractive Price’

Lonestar Resources acquired producing properties in an area of the Sugarkane Field that CEO Frank D. Bracken III said features some of the thickest Lower Eagle Ford shale in South Texas.

Houston-based independent oil and gas producer EOG Resources has secured 65% of its expected services for 2019.

Corporate Oil And Gas M&A Gains Altitude After $13 Billion Week

Analysts predict the massive deals week comprised of three separate transactions by Chesapeake Energy, Encana and Denbury is just the “tip of the M&A iceberg that will emerge in 2019.”

Encana To Combine With Newfield Exploration In $5.5 Billion All-Stock Transaction

The acquisition of Newfield and its key position in the Stack/Scoop is expected to make Encana the second largest producer of unconventional resources in North America.