Gas Hydrates Exclusives

The EPA estimates a 1.3% methane leakage rate in the U.S.

Natural gas and gas hydrates finds are among the latest discoveries.

Technical review authors explain North Slope testing results.

But an analyst says typical oil and gas investors have nothing to worry about.

New technology is a big step forward in gas hydrate analysis, development.

A recent report by Wood Mackenzie suggests Japan could reposition itself in the energy sector if it is able to unlock natural gas from methane hydrates.

DOE project probes the fossil fuel industry's "final frontier."

Field experiments this winter into methane hydrates on Alaska's North Slope could determine whether the resource will become the shale gas of the next generation.

Gas hydrates represent a huge potential industry resource, but instability beckons caution when working with this resource.

Khalid A. Al-Falih discusses the "Triple A Triangle" which he says the energy industry must satisfy simultaneously.

In Chile, investors and the government are reluctant to get involved in methane drilling projects, mainly because the environmental impacts are widely unknown, and the extraction of the gas is a highly complicated and costly process.