Polish Exclusives

The European Union’s biggest eastern economy, the region’s largest holder of shale gas, has sought to revive exploration after foreign investors including Marathon Oil Corp. and Talisman Energy Inc. withdrew amid regulatory constraints and plans to increase taxation in Poland.

More than twice as many exploration wells will be drilled in shale plays this year as Poland steps up its efforts to tap these oil and gas resources.

The lessons learned by 3Legs Resources in its first two horizontal fracs will enhance production in future wells.

Undersecretary of state says exploration is in a growth mode.

With a drilling rig in the background, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk recently touted the benefits of shale gas production, which should begin commercial production by 2014.

Developing shale gas in Poland is in the early innings. Test wells and seismic surveys are under way, but meaningful production could be years away.

International shale development moves from abstract to concrete.

Unconventionals are the biggest game changer the industry will see. Everyone knows this is the future.

Interest in the unconventional is being voiced from all corners of the globe.

COGA speakers discuss international shale-gas development and the possibilities for exporting the technology and lessons to markets around the world.

Europe’s shale-gas potential holds choice promise, but evaluations are in the introductory stage.

The continent is host to several plays that could yield trillions of cubic feet of gas.